Fabio Natali

Hi, my name is Fabio. I'm an aspiring critical technologist with a strong interest in the political and ethical issues of our digital society.

I love Free Software, which I've been using for a quarter of a century at this point. I'm particularly interested in community-led software projects, in other words "free software" as "open/distributed governance" as opposed to simply "open source".

My tech stack is primarily comprised of Emacs, Guix, and various other GNU projects. I love programming languages of the Lisp and Scheme families.

I value encryption and decentralised systems as means to defend our digital rights. As an information security trainer, I've attended, taught, and organised workshops for various categories of people and professions, particularly for journalists.

Around 2018-2020 I was one of the organisers behind @CryptoPartyLDN@mastodon.earth, a series of monthly events around digital-rights, held in East London and inspired by the CryptoParty movement.

I am a founder of Reckon Digital, a London-based technology consultancy that creates state-of-the-art software and IT solutions.

I live in London. I'm vegan.